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CSI Rating / discount of Fairway dues & port Dues

Swedish Maritime Administration encourage owners to make enviromental "friendy" actions of their ship's and will grant rebates if rated over 74 Points in Clean Shipping Index.

Further, Port's of Gothenburg and Brofjorden will grant 10% discount if over 99 Points in CSI system.

We can arrange a cost-free evaluation of Your ship to determine present rating and kind of

action needed to reach a certain score in CSI.

Please Contact Mr Kjell Lorentzon at our Gothenburg office for further information:

Email: / Tel: +46-31-231490


Henrik Pettersson


New fairway dues in Sweden

Swedish Maritime Administration have revised way to calculate fairway dues.

2018 vessel related fee will be based on vessel's net tonnage. Furthermore, discount in several levels can be achived if vessel is rated in CSI (Clean Shipping Index).

Fairway dues/cargo is decreased to SEK 2,35:-/ cargo MT.

Henrik Pettersson


Welcome Klara Ekström

We welcome our new agent Klara Ekström to our Gothenburg office!

Henrik Pettersson


Tariff adjustements Port of Brofjorden

Since january 2015 tariff's has been adjusted as per follows:

Pilotage = + 5%

Fairway dues/GT = Sulphur fee abolished and is debited by SEK 2,55:- and maximized to SEK 115,000:-

Port dues: Slightly decreased = SEK 4,65:-/GT less sbt. Now also rebates available for enviromental actions taken.

Svitzer tug Company = + 1-2% apx

Henrik Pettersson


New tariff for fairway dues/cargo

SMA advise new tariff for loades/unloaded goods at Sweden will come into force 1st of april 2014. The new tariff will result in a decrease from SEK 2,90:- / cargo ton to SEK 2,75:- / cargo ton.

This is still a proposal for comment but is expected to be confirmed and decided 7th february 2014.

Henrik Pettersson


New escort towage regulations at Preemterminal Gothenburg

As from the 1st of September 2013 Preem AB will adopt the OCIMF
"Recommendations for ship's fittings for use with tugs" as a
mandatory regulation. Vessels not complying will be rejected
and not accepted in Preem vetting system.

This is already in force at port of Brofjorden and is in line with Preem AB

mission to strengthen an improve safe navigation in the sensitive archipelago

at Gothenburg and Brofjorden.

Henrik Pettersson


Maintenance stop at Preem Refinery

Preem Refinery at port of Brofjorden will stop production for regularly maintenance work during

September and October 2013. Some vessel traffic/loading will be performed during this period but with restrictions.

Henrik Pettersson


We welcome Mr Kjell Lorentzon to our team

It is with great pleasure we welcome Mr. Kjell Lorentzon in his new position as Managing Director for Gothenburg Ship Agency. We trust Kjell, with more than 30 years in the business and loads of experience, will strengthen our organization.

Mikael Baaz


New escort towage regulations at Brofjorden

As from the 1st of January 2013 Preem AB will adopt the OCIMF
"Recommendations for ship's fittings for use with tugs" as a
mandatory regulation. Vessels not complying will be rejected
and not accepted in Preem vetting system.
Henrik Pettersson


Preem will invest in new LNG plant at Brofjorden

Preem AB advise a new LNG plant will be built at Brofjorden in order to supply refinery with abt 250,000 t liquid natural gas. The LNG will substitute naphtha and butane in the process and are expected to reduce the refinery's carbon dioxide emissions by abt 100,000 t yearly. Preem expect facility to be up and running end of 2013. 

Henrik Pettersson


Raised port dues at Port of Brofjorden

Preemraff Lysekil at Port of Brofjorden advise port dues tariff will be adjusted up by 5% for 2012.

Henrik Pettersson


Swedish pilotage fee change

Swedish Maritime Administration have changed the possibility to use GT ./. SBT when calculating pilotage fee. From 1/1 2012, GT without SBT deduction will be used for calculation the fee.

Henrik Pettersson


The first crude loading out of new storage

Our agency recently attended the first loading out from the new crude oil storage facility at Gothenburg. A aframax sized vessel called Torshamnen beginning april for loading to a UK port.

Two berths available for loading/discharge, max draft 19,05 m

Henrik Pettersson


Clean Shipping Project at Gothenburg

Part 1 - Fuel

The port of Gothenburg aims to support owners that contribute to cleaner air quality by reducing emissions of sulphur and particles. A shipping company/owner can now be reimbursed for extra fuel costs upto SEK 250.000 during 2011.

Part 2 - Clean Shipping Index

The port of Gothenburg will repay a certain proportion of the port charge to the first 20 vessels that have a "good enviromental performance" (according to the Clean Shipping Index) that put into the port of Gothenburg during 2011.

Henrik Pettersson


Lowered fairway dues/cargo from 1 april 2011

Swedish Maritime Administration advise cargo based fairway dues to be lowered by 5 % as per from 1st of april 2011. New fairway dues/cargo will be: SEK 2,90:- / cargo ton.

Henrik Pettersson


New seamens visa restrictions Sweden

Swedish Immigration Police advise new restrictions regarding visas for
on/offsigning seamens will come into force from 1st of May 2011.
Seamens visas has to be applied for and retained in seamens country of
origin at Swedish Embassy or Swedish Consulate. Multi-visa will be arranged
for from 6 months to up to 5 years in certain cases. Multi-visa are valid
for several entries/departures.
Visa upon arrival/departure will no longer be possible except in cases where
no other options are available.
Henrik Pettersson


Swedish pilotage dues up 5% 1/1 2011

Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation advise raised pilotage dues will apply from 1st of Jan 2011. Tariff is to go up by 5%.

Henrik Pettersson


SECA sulphur limits revised

As per 1st july 2010, max sulphur content of bunkers inside SECA area allowed will be 1%.

Henrik Pettersson


Tariffs 2010 now available

Tariffs for Brofjorden and Gothenburg now available at our download section.

Henrik Pettersson


New tariffs Brofjorden for 2010

Pilot tariff will be adjusted upwards with 10%.
Fairway dues will remain same for now.

Towage tariffs in vessel category 0-4500  will be increased by SEK 822:-/tug and in categories above no adjustment.

Escort towage tariff will be adjusted up with 4-6%.

Port dues/mooring will remain unchanged for 2010.

All tariffs will be available at our download section shortly.

Henrik Pettersson


Brofjorden Ship Agency approved as per FQS.

Brofjorden Ship Agency AB is approved in accordance to Fonasba Quality Standard.

Henrik Pettersson


Coker project on hold

Due to the shaky oilmarket and financial turbulence globally, Preem AB decided to postpone the coker project at Preemraff Lysekil, Brofjorden.

Henrik Pettersson


Pilotage Dues: reduction for SBT still valid

After major protests Swedish Administration of Shipping has now decided to keep possibility to grant reduction for SBT leived against GT on pilotage dues.

However, pilotage dues will still be raised with 7-10% after 1/1 -2009.

Henrik Pettersson


Swedish pilotage dues is to go up by 1st jan 2009

As been reported earlier, Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation now confirm raised pilotage dues will apply from 1st of Jan 2009. Tariff is to go up by 7%, at the same time reduction for SBT leived against GT will not longer be granted. Total raise will then be abt 10%. 

Henrik Pettersson


Large tanker at Stenungsund

One of the largest tankers ever called Vattenfall's terminal at Stenungsund during last weekend. Brofjorden Ship Agency attended the 72000 dwt vessel and agency PIC advise due to the size some special arrangements (such as stand by tug) where made in order to berth the vessel safely.

Henrik Pettersson


ConocoPhillips Nordic offer gasolinestorage

ConocoPhillips Nordic offer gasolinestorage at Stroemstad, situated at the swedish westcoast next to norwegian border. Total capacity available for hire is 33000 m3 in caverns.

Henrik Pettersson


New regulations for stores at Gothenburg

Port of Gothenburg advise new regulations for supplying goods/stores at Torshamnen, berth no 800/801. Any goods/stores has to be pre-advised to the harbour in due time and if exceed 2 tonnes or single unit exceed 500 kg delivery by barge required, before or after cargo operations.

Above applies as per from 16th of June 2008.

Henrik Pettersson


Vopak expand at Gothenburg

Vopak presently has 6 tanks with a total capacity of 60.000 m3 for gasolinestorage under construction in Gothenburg. Vopak expect expansion to be operational Q1 2009.

Henrik Pettersson


New crudestorage at Gothenburg

Caverns with a total storagecapacity of 600.000 m3 crude oil is presently prepared in port of Gothenburg. Project pic expect facility to be ready for cargo operation during 2009. The import/export will be handled via existing crudeberths which today allow vessels with max draft 19,05 m.

Henrik Pettersson


Revised pilotage dues

Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation also intend to revise pilotage dues as from 1st of Jan 2009. Reduction for SBT leived against GT will no longer be granted. If any adjustment on pilotage fee will be made, due to increased costs, is presently investigated by Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation.

Henrik Pettersson


Revised Swedish Fairway Dues

In respect of fairway dues charges in Sweden the Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation intend to revise the GT (Nox & sulphur) and cargo related parts of the fairway dues as from 1st April 2008. Based on the EU regulation No. 417/202 section 12/20 the Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation will no longer grant reduction for SBT leived against GT. At present they propose the following changes (final decision not yet taken):

The cargo related part will be changed from 3,24:-SEK/mt to 3,05:-SEK/mt (apx -6%).

The GT/Nox related part will be changed from 2,20:-SEK/GT to 2,05:-SEK/GT (apx -7%).

Max limit for the GT/Nox part will be decreased from SEK 80.000:- to SEK 77.000:-

The GT/Sulphur related part will be changed from SEK 0,60:-SEK/GT to 0,70:-SEK/GT (apx +17%).

Further the limit for sulphur reduction will be changed from 1% to 0,5% in two steps; <0,5% 0,20:-SEK/GT and <0,2% no sulphur charge.

The increase of the total fairway dues will be apx 2,0% but for a typical dwt 75.000 vessel, this should mean an increase of the GT related part with 23% and a reduction with 6% on the cargo related part.

Further regarding EU regulation No. 417/202 section 12/20 and abolished reduction for SBT the following swedish oil ports still grant reduction for SBT; Brofjorden. Gothenburg, Norrkoping, Stockholm, Sodertalje, Nynashamn, Vasteras and Gavle.

Mikael Baaz


Rechto cup Aalborg

This major annual event will this year take place 9th-11th February. Apart from being one of the sponsors, Brofjorden Ship Agency will this year also host the bustransport for the participants going out from Gothenburg. For coordination please contact our office in Brofjorden, email: or tel: +46-523-661060

Mikael Baaz


New port tariffs to download

2008 port tariffs are now available from our dowload section.

Henrik Pettersson


Start up at Preemraff Lysekil delayed

Preemraff Lysekil at port of Brofjorden expect to start up first facility after maintenance work 18th of oct, slightly delayed. Refinery is expected to have all facilities up and running 25h of oct (agw).

Henrik Pettersson


Maintenance work at Preemraff

As earlier reported Preemraff Lysekil at Brofjorden will start their scheduled maintenance work on 10th of sept. and expect to be completed 7th of oct.

During above period limited number of vessel's allowed in harbour.

Henrik Pettersson


Extended SECA area as from 11th August 2007

New regulations for bunkers in Sweden/North Sea as from 11th of August 2007.


EU directive 200533/EC Sulphur content of marine fuels.

MARPOL 73/78 - Annex VI - Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships.

The Swedish Maritime Administration advise they will ratify the EU Directive 2005/33/EC (see link below)regarding sulphur content of marine fuel, hence Sweden will include the North Sea in the SECA area as from 11th of August 2007 and NOT according to the MARPOL directive, 22nd November 2007.

All Swedish ports, including Brofjorden and Stenungsund, will then be included in the SECA area.

See EU Directive 2005/33/EC - SECA as from 11th August 2007

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