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Pilotage Dues: reduction for SBT still valid

After major protests Swedish Administration of Shipping has now decided to keep possibility to grant reduction for SBT.......


Swedish pilotage dues is to go up by 1st jan 2009

As been reported earlier, Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation now confirm raised pilotage dues.......


New tariffs from tug boat company

Svitzer Scandinavia (Roda Bolaget) advise new towage tariffs effective as 1st of april 2007. Both escort towage and harbour towage tariffs is adjusted upwards with 1,8%. The bunker surcharge remains at 3,5%.

Further, mob/demob charge applicable from third tug and charge is increased from SEK 6300:- to SEK 9000:- per tug.

Henrik Pettersson


Maintenance work in Gothenburg now in progress

Update to our news earlier:

Maintenance work at Shell refinery now in the finishphase and expect to be completed during week 17. At Preemraff Gothenburg, work has been in progress for about two weeks and is planned to be completed during week 20. Production in all facilities is expected during week 22. The maintanence work at Preemraff is the most radical ever and vessel activity at Preemberths is limited during this period. 

Henrik Pettersson


Tug company decreases bunker surcharge

Tug company "Roda Bolaget" announce they decrease bunker surcharge with 0,5% to a total of 3,5% from 1st of Feb -07. 

Henrik Pettersson


Maintenance work at refinery in port of Brofjorden

Preemraff Lysekil at Brofjorden advise preliminary schedule for major maintenance on their refinery during 2007. There will be a shut down for about 1 1/2 month between 3rd September and 14th of October. During this period there will be no production and very little activity on the product jetties and probably no activit on the crude jetty.

Henrik Pettersson


Maintenance work at refineries in port of Gothenburg

Preemraff Gothenburg and Shellraff Gothenburg advise preliminary schedule for major maintenance on their refineries during spring 2007. Preemraff advise there will be a shut down for about 1 1/2 month starting in beginning of april. Shellraffs schedule not yet official but is planned during spring, in connection with Preemraffs shut down. 

Henrik Pettersson


Tug company increases bunker surcharge as per 14th of August -06

Tug company "Roda Bolaget" announce they have to increase bunker surcharge with 0,5% to a total of 4,5% from monday 14th of August 2006. Next adjustment is expected 1st of October 2006.

Henrik Pettersson


Wireless internet access to vessels calling Brofjorden

Brofjorden Ship Agency provides a stabile wireless network access for vessels calling Brofjorden product harbour.

Via a Netgear 18dBi directional antenna and a WG302 access point You can now, provided that You have a portable or stationary computer onboard with wireless LAN get access to internet through our broadband connection.

Mikael Baaz


New jetty in port of Brofjorden ready for traffic

Preemraff Lysekil in port of Brofjorden have received final delivery date of their new jetty no 5; 7th july 2006. This jetty will handle both import and export of petroleum products. Initially only fuel oil will be handled, 18th of August, gasoil/VGO facilities will also be operational. Facilities for handling LPG will later be installed.

Particulars of new jetty:
Max LOA: 200 m
Max draft: 11,6 m
Water depth: 14,12 m

Henrik Pettersson


New regulations for bunkers in the Baltic from 19th of May 2006

Annex VI contains provisions allowing for special "SOx Emission Control Areas" (SECAs). In these areas, the sulphur content of fuel oil used onboard ships must not exceed 1,5% m/m. Alternatively ships must fit an exhaust gas cleaning system or use other methods to limit SOx emissions approved by the Aministration (flag state).

The Baltic Sea Area is disignated as a SECA in the protocol and as from 19th of May 2006 this will come in to force. The Baltic Sea Area limit between Denmark and Sweden is N 57 44,8 (between Skaw in Denmark and Bjorko north of Gothenburg in Sweden).

For Trafiic on the Swedish west coast this will mean any vessel calling the port of Gothenburg and south will enter the Baltic and will have to apply to the regulaltions while in that area.

Brofjorden and Stenungsund are NOT ports in the Baltic Sea Area and hence are not within the SOx Emission Control Area. Vessels loading or discharging at Brofjorden or Stenungsund not due for or coming from the Baltic will not at any point need to apply to these new regulations.

Mikael Baaz


Brofjorden Ship Agency expanding with a new office in port of Gothenburg

We are proud to announce the opening of our new office in Gothenburg under the name "Gothenburg Ship Agency". Responsible for the office will be Mr Stefan Axemark who have 9 years experience working in shipping business in oil harbours in Gothenburg.

Full style:

Gothenburg Ship Agency

Brannoljegatan 6, Skarvik Harbour



Tel: +46-31-231490 (24hrs)

Fax: +46-31-231491

Mobile: +46-709-676645


Henrik Pettersson


Coker facility at Preemraff Lysekil, Brofjorden in 2011?

Preem Petroleum AB has recently granted 50 millions SEK to a feasibility study investigating a coker project at Preemraff Lysekil, Brofjorden. The new plant will make it possible to produce more gasoline and gasoil instead of fuel oil. Probably will import of residue oil mainly from Preemraff Gothenburg be necessary. This will also make it possible for the refinery in Gothenburg to feed with upto 70% high sulphur crude oil. The final product, coke will be exported over a new berth which also will be built.

Presently it looks like final decision will be made during 2008 and earliest 2011, the facility can be ready for production.

Henrik Pettersson

New iso-cracker now launched.

During last week the iso-cracker was launched and production is started. Refinery will now produce sulphur free gasoil. In connection with this new facility a increased consession from 10 upto 11,4 million tonnes has been agreed. This will off course effect traffic in harbour and the new berth which will be completed during summer 2006 is longed for.

Henrik Pettersson


New slop/sludge facilities at Preemraff Lysekil

Preemraff Lysekil is presently installing hoses for slop/sludge receiption. Today slop/sludge can be discharged via cargo arm or vessel's own hose. When installation is finished during winter/spring 2006, terminal will provide hoses at all berths.

Henrik Pettersson


New berth under construction at Preemraff Lysekil

A new berth is under construction in the product harbour. Terminal expect berth to be completed during summer 2006. This berth will mainly handle increasing traffic in port when the sulphur free gasoil will be produced.

Henrik Pettersson


New independent ship agency in Brofjorden

January 2006 saw the creation of the new company, Brofjorden Ship Agency AB. The company was founded by five colleagues with tremendous experience in their field. The staff comprises:

  • Mikael Baaz - Managing director with 23 years experience in the business
  • Henrik Pettersson - Agent, has 13 years in the business
  • Stefan Axemark - Agent, has 13 years in the business
  • Christian Persson - Agent, has 4 years in the business
  • Peter Isaksson - Agent, has 3 years in the business.

Henrik Pettersson